How much does the service cost?

One bag - £10 per bag, per drop

2-3 bag - £6 per bag, per drop

4 bags - £5.50 per bag, per drop

5+ bags - £5.25 for the first 4 bags, £2.50 for each additional bag per bag, per drop

All prices per bag per drop. Please see our prices page for more details

How many bags can I have?

There is no limit on the number of bags we will move and you can have several bags if you wish. They will however be charged for separately.

Is there a weight limit for bags?

Bags must be no more than 20kg. If they are more than this, you will charged for an additional bag.

Is there somewhere to leave my car?

Yes we have a unit in Cheltenham and have the facility for outdoor parking or inside the secure unit. We can also arrange a lift to the start and from the finish of the Cotswold Way, back to your car. Vehicles are left at the owner's own risk. Charges apply.

Are luggage labels provided?

Yes, labels will be added to your luggage on the first pickup. Please check your labels to ensure the information is correct and let us know if you spot any mistakes. 

Can I travel with my luggage if I don't want to walk?

Yes! If for whatever reason you can't or don't want to walk, we are able to organise to transport you to your next destination with your luggage. Please note, there are limited spaces available for passengers so please let us know in advance. Charges apply and pickup cannot be organised for a specific time; you will need to fit in around our usual collections, which will determine when we are able to collect you.

What time will my bags be picked up and dropped off?

Walking from Chipping Campden to Bath?

If you are walking the Cotswold Way South (Chipping Campden to Bath) we aim to collect and deliver your luggage daily between 9am and 4:30pm. If for whatever reason, we are unable to get your bag to you by 4:30pm, we will contact your accommodation and let them know. We always try to be on time, but sometimes, traffic jams, accidents and unforseen events can make us a little bit late!

Walking from Bath to Chipping Campden?

Our Carryabag HQ is located in Cheltenham, therefore if you are walking the Cotswold Way North (Bath to Chipping Campden) we aim to collect and deliver your luggage daily between 9am and 6pm. We operate from Chipping Campden to Bath so if your luggage is North of Cheltenham it will be one of the first transfers of the day, however if you are staying South of Cheltenham it will be one of the last transfers of the day. We do always try to be on time, but sometimes timings can depend on the rush hour traffic and of course the volume of bags we have had to transfer during the day. We will always try to let you or your accommodation know if there are any major delays.

What if I want to change my itinerary?

If you want to make a change to your itinerary, let us know of any changes as far in advance as possible and we will do our best to accommodate these. Don't worry, if something happens and you need to change your itinerary in the middle of your holiday, we can sort this out for you and just change it on our list.

Can I book a luggage transfer part way through my holiday?

Yes! If you decide you want to move luggage part way through your trip, contact us and we will be happy to help.

What about accommodation?

We have a full accommodation booking service available if you need it, so please contact us on 01242 250642. If you want to book it yourself, there is a list of B&Bs and hotels listed on the map, or alternatively you can do your own research. Please be careful that any accommodation you book is actually located along the way as significant detours by our drivers will be chargeable.

What about places to eat?

The Cotswold Way passes through many villages and towns so you will not be short of pubs, inns and restaurants to relax and eat at. If you would like any advice or a recommendation, we will be happy to help.

Can you recommend any places to visit?

Yes. Along the way, you will pass through lots of picturesque settlements that are beautiful and worth spending time in. There are also plenty of attractions and interesting things to do and we are able to give you information about these.

I have specialist requirements will you be able to help?

With over 20 years' experience in The Cotswolds, there's not much we haven't been asked before and it would definitely take too long to write them all out! If you have a question, or need help with something a bit different, please call and we'll do our best to help!


Still have a question? Call us on 01242 250642 or email info@carryabag.co.uk


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